What Sealants Can Do for Your Child's Teeth
By Arthur S. Benson, D.D.S.
June 24, 2019
Category: Oral Health
Tags: Sealants  

SealantsCould your five-year-old have a cavity? The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry (AAPD) says that 10 percent of children that age do. That's why Dr. Arthur Benson, your family dentist in Akron, OH, offers plastic sealants to protect young teeth from decay. Easy and safe, sealants effectively block the acids which cause cavities.

Oh, those molars...

They are located in the hard-to-reach back of the mouth. Additionally, molars have pits and fissures on their chewing surfaces which retain organic matter oral bacteria just love. These bacteria secrete the acids which create cavities.

Are tooth brushing and flossing sufficient to protect six- and twelve-year molars from the ravages of decay? Your Akron, OH, family dentist says these teeth need extra help to stay healthy.

What sealants provide

Plastic sealants are a preventive dental treatment which protect the vulnerable pits and fissures characteristic of molars. While teens and children benefit most from these bio-compatible coatings, adults may receive the treatments as well, as Dr. Benson deems necessary.

Sealants keep out food particles which attract oral bacteria. These germs give off corrosive acids in minute amounts which, over time, cause cavities. Molars collect plaque and tartar easily because their surfaces contain tiny cracks, pits and fissures which floss, toothbrush and even professional cleanings cannot remove.

The treatment

First, Dr. Benson cleans the tooth. He dries it off and then applies a mild liquid to roughen the chewing surface. This preparation ensures the sealant liquid sticks to the tooth. Then, he uses a small brush--much like a nail polish applicator--to paint on the sealant. Finally, using a blue light, he hardens the sealant.

Your family dentist will recommend which teeth which may benefit most from sealants. Expect the sealants to be tooth-colored, unnoticeable and long-lasting. They may be reapplied as needed as time and wear and tear warrant; however, the typical lifespan of plastic dental sealants is about ten years.

One and it's done

It takes about ten minutes per tooth to protect your child's molars for years. What could be easier? Why not ask Dr. Benson about plastic sealants the next time your family visits his Akron, OH, office? Call if you need to arrange a routine check-up and cleaning: (330) 666-8757.