One Dentist for Your Whole Family
By Arthur S. Benson, D.D.S.
November 08, 2017
Category: Oral Health
Tags: family dentist  

Selecting one dentist for your whole family is convenient, comfortable, and helps promote good dental habits for life. While some dentists family dentistrytreat specific age groups, such as only children or adults, family dentists treat patients of all ages. A family dentist can provide dental care for every member of your family. Dr. Arthur Benson is your family dentist in Akron, OH.

What is a Family Dentist?

As previously indicated, family dentists treat patients of any age. They provide dental care to children, as well as older adults who might need to replace missing teeth. Family dentists provide oral health and dental services. They examine the teeth for signs of decay, fill cavities, treat gum disease, as well as provide various corrective and cosmetic dental services. Dr. Benson is your Akron family dentist for your entire family’s oral health needs.

Benefits of a Family Dentist

Choosing one dentist for your whole family has many benefits. One such benefit is convenience. Save time and travel by scheduling everyone’s dental appointments for the same day. There is no need to travel between multiple dental offices on different days when you have one dentist for your whole family.

Having one dentist for the whole family also offers a level of comfort because your entire family and the dentist will develop familiarity with one another. Young kids who might be nervous about visiting the dentist are likely to feel more comfortable when they observe other family members visiting the same dentist. Additionally, since your children won’t need to transition to another dentist as they get older, they might be more likely to continue seeing the dentist into adulthood due to established familiarity and comfort.

Choosing one dentist for your whole family can save you time and travel, and makes it easier for children to continue seeing the dentist as they grow up. To schedule your family’s next dental appointments with Dr. Benson, your Akron family dentist, call the office at (330) 666-8757.